Review: Allied Tools 49030 180-Piece Home Maintenance Tool Set

Needing a tool and not having it when you need to repair something in your home or you want to get something done to add quality to your home can be very annoying. Even if you’re not someone who does a lot of fix-it yourself projects around the house, a tool kit is the kind of thing that’s there when you need it. It’s one of those things where it’s better to have around and not use it than to need it and not have it. The Allied Tools 49030 180-Piece Home Maintenance Tool Set gives you everything you can think of needing. Not only is this handy to have around your own home, but it makes a great gift to give someone who just bought their first home. The tools have steel working ends but rubber handles so that it’s mixing long lasting strength with comfort for your hands. The handy carrying case that the tools all come in keeps every tool firmly held in place but they’re easy to lift out of their spot, too. The case is tough and can be stored in the home, garage or in the trunk of your vehicle. In the kit, you get a claw hammer that’s good for fixing a deck out back, hanging up pictures or hammering in carpet nails. It’s lightweight enough to be used over and over again. There’s an adjustable wrench in this kit that can let you do even the toughest project. You get two kinds of pliers. One pair is a needle-nose style while the other one is the snub-nose kind. The needle nose pliers are perfect for reaching into those small areas to grip things. Both pair offer tough strength. Six wrenches are included in the kit so you get a variety of choices that can be used to handle everything from home repair to home décor and even to working on your vehicle if need be. And the spark plug socket certainly comes in handy if you need to change out spark plugs on your car or lawnmower. The tape measure that’s part of this kit is twelve feet in length and what a lot of people like about it is that it also shows the fractions. A utility knife is also part of the kit. You get some Allen wrenches and four screwdrivers. There’s also a ratcheting bit handle that comes with ten different bit pieces so it’s good for a variety of uses. The level is a torpedo level and can be used to make sure shelves or pictures hang correctly in balance. As an added bonus, nails and picture hangers are in the kit as well.


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